Friday, March 24, 2017

Doug Harris - Phone In Discussion

Mass. Forest Rescue is pleased to announce this phone seminar Sunday evening at 7 pm with Doug Harris, Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer of the Narragansett Tribal Historic Preservation Office.
Register for Call - in Information at: by Saturday noon.
Or call/text at: 413-522-7505

We are setting up a MFR Legal Defense Fund to protect Native American sacred stones in Massachusetts forests and forests themselves from ecocide and future generations from the worst effects of climate chaos/ecological destruction. Stay Tuned.
Beth Adams - Mass. Forest Rescue Campaign 
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The photo used above is from Killingworth CT:

[In case you do not know: Doug Harris is the person in the Narragansett Tribal Historic Preservation Office most involved with interpreting ceremonial stone features and interfacing between the tribes and the local communities.]

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