Friday, August 19, 2016

Hammonasset Line

I was looking at the Hammonasset Line Chapter 1: A Summer Solstice Sunset Line; A Field Report by Tom Paul (2001) New England Antiquities Research Association

     Rather than a line, I see Indigenous Stonework as more like a spider web, connecting yet separating the Sacred Landscape - a big New England sized rock garden...

Look at the oldest of maps, before the Indian Place Names were “ethnically erased:”

   Maybe “Where the basket trees are” in a Algonquin dialect becomes 'Black Ash Swamp'
Until it’s dammed and called Foster’s Pond

“Hill of the Stone Turtle” becomes Buell’s Hill
        And those Guarding Stone Serpents slowly disappear
And another bit of the Great Eastern Garden is forever gone...

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