Friday, August 05, 2016

Look a little closer at the Stone Wall 02

I just happened upon this photo (again), looking at images from the Hale Homestead:
Trying to find a larger image (to see if I could observe any "Serpent Stacking" and/or stones placed just so that suggest possible Native American Iconography), I found this:
So, look a little closer at that stone wall (or Serpent Petroform):

Deja vu?
Back to the Hale Homestead:
If you aren't going to look for some Serpents Guarding a Gateway, you won't find any.
If you are looking for them however, you just might find one or two (or more), looking right at you as you enter that gateway, heads tilted at that angle that is sometimes often repeated in other places...
Maybe a turtle or a rhomboidal stone as well...

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