Monday, August 08, 2016

A Closer Look etc. #3

After discussing some details of an upcoming program about Indigenous Stone Features at a local Nature Center, I captured an image of a gateway in a "stone fence" on the property, right behind the building where I at least think the PowerPoint presentation part of the program will take place:

The prevailing view of the diagnostics of assumed post contact stonework is that much of CT's "stone walls" are "dumped," "tossed" or otherwise "haphazardly" stacked, and considered messy "refuse piles of field clearing stones." Another point of view that recognizes the possibility that something else may have been going on, much longer ago than the 1600's...
    Sometimes you really don't need to go too far to observe elements of Native American Iconography. A proper scientific investigation could establish a date that the "wall" above was built but a careful and imaginative, open minded observer may be able to identify some patterns that are repeated in many places, such as Horned Serpents and other effigies, such as turtles, that were more likely to be created, maintained and used ceremonially by the Indigenous People of Turtle Island over a longer period of time than the last few hundred years...

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