Monday, August 29, 2016

Madison Mastodon Maybe (CT)

(Fuzzy cropped and enlarged image stolen from Google Earth)

     I’ve pondered over two stones that I suspect to be stone representations of a mastodon:
  “What is it? I don't really know. I don't think it's a turtle, but could it be a bear?” I wrote back in 2009, thinking, “Stick some tusks on it and maybe it's an older creature from way, way back...”
I thought about it some more:

and some more again when I came across another, which back in the days when the mastodon roamed, would have been perched on a high spot on the same glacial lake – or the resulting floodplain after a geological event, reflected in local Indigenous Legends about the Sleeping Giant:
   Well, if one stone mastodon is an accident, then two stone mastodons could be a possible coincident. A third stone mastodon, briefly viewed from a moving vehicle, perhaps under closer examination, might be considered a stone mastodon conspiracy. I don’t have my own photos (yet), but Google Earth Street View allows me to recreate the unconfirmed sighting. I was peering out the windows from the back passenger side of the car, looking at the edges of the bulldozed home lots, some with new decorative stone work, here and there an old wall, often rebuilt or possibly sprayed with a defoliant, killing all the old moss and lichens as I suspect at the home of someone who is collecting wooden fences:
Two interesting triangular boulders - possibly part of the original row of stones:

 Yet one more triangular boulder still attached to a remnant of a “stone wall:”
Is there evidence of "sculpting" of these three boulders, yet more snake-like head stone boulders at the end of a row of mostly cobbles??  
   Eventually, in the distance I noted the exposed spine of a big bedrock out crop and many boulders, sprinkled with cobbles as well:

I can’t recapture the view I had of the seeming “face of a mastodon” but I immediately was reminded of the “eye” of the Woodbridge Mastodon, shown below:

  The best I could do is a not the head one view I wished for (blocked by a tree and the utility pole in the GE captures), so this distant view will have to do:

     A depressing view from the sky, the bedrock ridge in yellow, the suspected mastodon in red, surrounded by the modern developments of various kinds slowly erasing possibly related stone features probably of various kinds:
    This could be a possible Ceremonial Stone Landscape with a hint of Mastodon Hunting Magic made by the Ancestors back when the ice was melting...
   As they say, “Further Investigation is needed,” but then again this is on private land in Connecticut where Stone Features of what once was the Indigenous Garden at the Eastern Gate of Turtle Island, a form of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ceremony, going back to the time of the Ice Giants and continuing up to Contact time, disappear everyday...

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