Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There’s Manitou in Every Stone

Some More Rows of Stones by the Grocery Store

   Maybe I was in the third grade the first time I walked around these rows of stones, up behind the car dealership my friend’s grandfather owned. That's the old building, just touching the number 3 in the photo below taken right around that time in the mid-sixties:

   These days there’s a big box grocery store up there and the car dealership expanded.
   There’s three or four roads that were not there in the old days, lined with houses – and the part we hung out in the most had already been touched by bulldozers and backhoes making it the ideal place to wear our helmets and drink from canteens carrying plastic automatic rifles so realistic that we’d be either a news story or dead if it happened today...
   These days I look at the rows of stones in a different way from what I had previously learned about New England Stone Walls in the first half of my life, but I still don’t forget that the earliest of fences around here were wooden rail fences. 

   These tossed stones are assumed to have been a linear dump for unwanted stones under a Cross and Rail Fence in the case of these stones. I look at stone walls and I wonder, in the second half of my life, if I’m looking at a far older humanized landscape maintained for who knows how long with Ceremonies of Renewal, prayers and fires...
   Tossed Stones or Indigenous Iconography of Turtle Island?
   Sometimes adding an eye can bring an Icon alive – which is kinda silly, because I know:

There’s Manitou in Every Stone...

Circular or oval or something sort of roundish:

    At a "Very Narrow Little Gateway" or breach in this particular segment of this row of stones, my impression is that there's a Guarding Serpent or two or more suggested by the choice and placement of the stones, another field observation of Serpent Stacking, perhaps not a stone wall as such, but a fuel break that may be a larger Stone Serpent with a body composed of "Entwined Serpents," and, well, who knows what else... 

On the other side of the big grocery store, looking at the car dealership:
That photo was used here:

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