Friday, March 17, 2017

Over by Where the Bowling Alley Used to Be (Woodbury CT)

Above: looking East at a section of road still "bounded" by rows of stacked stones.
Below: looking west at CT Rte. 6 or The Old Connecticut Path, a major Indian Trail in the Contact Period from the other side of the (damaged?) Manitou-like stone...

Above: a sign nearby along Main Street/CT Rte. 6
 Below: Terrace at low side (west) of the road:
Back across to the higher side, in some places a terrace/retaining wall, a free standing structure elsewhere, a wall of unknown age, full of probable Indigenous Iconography.

Above: Snake-like boulder.
Below: Rhomboidal or Healing Diamond (Mohegan)...
I suggest that this is a long maintained stone structure. I suggest the road was an Indian Trail, burned over every spring and fall. I suggest the stones functioned as a fuel break. I suggest the "pinning stones" are not typical European style additions but are more "effigy-like" than purely functional.

The second photo I took that day: 
The second look I took yesterday: 
Another Stone Serpent Waking Up on Turtle Island: 

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