Saturday, November 07, 2015

Up to the Serpent

  The intention was to look for the white quartz on the Serpent’s Head and see if the body was suggestive of a pattern of layers of smaller serpents on a short walk in some stolen moments on the way home from picking up the flea and tick stuff for the dog.

(Above and below: changing light conditions)

   The quartz was “partly present” on top of the big boulder that might be a head stone, almost like “a head on a single stone (head and carapace) turtle.”
Smaller snakes? Maybe, it was not really strikingly apparent with the leaves and all...
Speaking of "partly quartzy," this still resembles a turtle from some angles:

The Serpent is speckled with quartz: 
Not often really visible in spots unless you are looking for it and possible turtles:

Not always milky white:
More possible turtles:

And since this is getting very long, I'll soon continue with
"Back down to a Twisty Gateway"
as a separate post...

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