Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Stone Snake/Serpent Petroform

Flanders Road, the Day After Valentine's

An early morning visit to the dentist brought me to Flanders Road, heading to the Apothecary, which was closed. But along the way, a stone on a recently storm cleared slope of an outcrop caught my eye.

This is very close to (and might be where I once parked for a Nature Center led hike to) Quanopaug Falls.

Actually that’s not the way it looked, captured in the moment when I first saw it, the sun low in the sky, the slight coating of ice, the jaws of stone holding the boulder, a prize winning photo. Instead I broke the record of having a large number of exhausted rechargeable batteries in my “I hope there’s a camera in that bag.” This photo is a lame reenactment of the moment of beauty I first saw when I first drove by. I went back after the drug store opened and I’d dropped off my prescription.

There’s a little parking area north of this, not too far from “Jaws.” I’d noticed stone rows on either side, so I decided to take a little walk while I waited for the prescription to be filled.

Technically, it was a Heyoka Circle walk, a counter clockwise circular stroll up the western slope of a ridge. I’m a Wise Fool, so I can do this sort of thing quite easily, without hardly trying.

The N/S roadside stone row has probably been robbed of stones, the cobbles mostly; it may have been straightened out after 1659, but maybe not. The E/W junction turned out to be a zigzag stone row…

Crossing the branch of the river, things got interesting to an easily amused clown like me. There were two linear N/S rows intersecting the zigzag, with a little gapped zigzag piece ending halfway between the two linears, the opening toward the west…

Details west of river:

Linear details:

The upward zigzag had lots of interesting quartz pieces to it, sometimes the point stones of the zigs and/or zags…
(Rock Pile-like Segement, possble Bear:)

There was a gap and then a large end stone boulder that approached Volkswagon bug size but not quite…
(Three Faces Theory: head-on, it's a snake. Looking south - second of the 3 views - it's asleep. Looking north, open jaws, perhaps the Egg in the Mouth deal, as in the Ohio Mound???)

And the row became linear…

It ended about 100 feet away…

The ridgetop is outcrop and old oaks, seemingly stone construction free, but perhaps a revisit will prove different, since my prescription should be refilled.
One last photo, the bend in the Heyoka Circle, east side of the river branch, custom made for me to return to the car, along a stone row all the way...

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