Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stepping Stone

I’ve often found myself along some stone row that’s headed up some pretty rough and rocky slopes, off any modern path, only to find that there are flat stones almost like stair steps and suddenly the climb’s not so hard after all.

I’ve had the same experience scrambling about the many rock shelters called now after the Leather Man, formerly called “The Old Hunting Caves,” as well as climbing up to the top of Montoe’s (Manitou’s) House Rock as well as in some other places. There’s hand holds and foot holds and I wonder just how long they’ve been there -300 years or 3,000 years.

I’ve tried to photograph them, like the ones in a lousy series of photos of a stone row at the foot of West Peak in Woodbridge CT, but all I got was a blurry picture of my shoe.

But I’ve never found anything like this:

“Following an ancient foot path today: "If you want to know how to find your path in life-- just start walking." (A perfectly placed, flat rock, in the shape of a foot for stepping-- a stepping stone.)” - Alyssa Alexandria writes in a FaceBook post, quoting her Modoc father.

And sure enough, Alyssa writes that there are more steps, along the loose rocks by the stone row/rock line she was walking along near Lake Shastina.
…very near the niche where this small turtle usually resides:

Above: circular enclosure
Below: spiral 

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