Monday, February 13, 2012

Watertown (CT) Turtle in a Stone Row on a Hill by the Road

There’s those “stone walls” that you have driven by hundreds or thousands of times in your old hometown, the “stone walls” you’ve been told a bunch of times were built sometime in the last 350 years, a fable that denies that an earlier civilization lived here for 20,000 years or so.
Sometimes the light is just right or perhaps it’s your vision that’s just adjusted so – or maybe it’s both – you’re looking for a turtle because if you aren’t looking for one, you’ll almost never find one.
So I was driving home from my sister’s house.
I was looking for turtles in the stone rows along the way.
One caught my eye:

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  1. Maybe the light wasn't just right to capture the 'beak' of that head stone - or maybe it's the camera on my new cell phone. It's easy enough to go back to...