Wednesday, November 11, 2015


ITM World has inspired a unique educational vision in the heart of North America's most multi-cultural city. We are committed to the integration of the world's traditional medicines and wisdom traditions with conventional and modern healthcare approaches.
Our professional educational programs span the medical arts and sciences, spirituality, ecology, end of life care, mediation and social justice, and are open to all.
We endeavour to offer the highest level of training possible in traditional and integrative medicine and interdisciplinary studies. This vision is fuelled by our long-term initiatives; to establish community-based health care options both within North America as well as abroad, which integrate traditional medical practices with conventional approaches to healthcare.
We envision societies in which Integrative Medicine is accessible and available to all.

    "Many Native American nations have ancient practices which can help to heal warriors from the traumas of war. This tradition continues today as Navajo/Dine Medicine man Albert Laughter works to bring his fellow veterans home - to themselves and to their communities and ceremonies.

     Albert's father did similar work with Native American veterans - using ceremony, talking circles and traditional medicine to heal wounded hearts. Albert works with veterans of many wars, setting up his ceremonial tipi on-site at a Veteran's hospital in Arizona and making site visits throughout the Navajo territory. He understands that PTSD is a spiritual afflication, as much as it is emotional and physical illness..."

Published on Jan 2, 2013

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