Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stones on a Boulder (CT)

Dappled sunlight and some stones in the greenery,
I saw it from the distance a couple days earlier,
On the Path, by the Standing Stone,
and I knew I'd have to come back for this one...
Too much sun in some places, too much shadow in others,
but I capture a couple images...
It's a little familiar and a little different at the same time,
and I feel that bit of wonder and delight,
happily clueless as to what this could be,
turtle, bird, both or none of the above... 

I wait out the sun going behind the clouds,
wander over to more stones in the distance,
realizing I'd been there once before,
feeling like I had been there once before...

I finally come back and the trees are working with me,
shading the stones and the boulder they are stacked on...

And then I go back to the Path,
Still happily clueless...


  1. Is that a split rock in the background or a rockpile? The opening to the "niche" faces in that direction. Perhaps the "clue" is its relation to these other rocks.

  2. In the first photo, there are some boulders and stones kinda close, looking west - actually in a sort of shallow rectangular depression, possibly some "structure" along the southern edge but difficult to see under all the greenery. 100 feet plus or so further along to the west are all the large piles of stones and boulders. This boulder and stones was sort of WNW of the standing stone, maybe 50 feet.

  3. (No real structure to anything close though)