Tuesday, July 07, 2015

3rd Stone from the 4th

(taken on the 5th)
Up a small branch of tidal river, a bit of stonework touches the water.
The moon is still sort of full, so the tide is extreme and still rising.
I'm in a rented kayak and time is halfway up.

I capture a single image.

Back home, I try to see where I was
look for some stonework that might connect to this outcrop...
As I switch the view, I see what might be stones
As well as circular sorts of places that sort of resemble
some Clam Gardens along a creek in Delaware...
I can't zoom in any closer -
I see what might be rows of stones -
I see paths where people have been busy -
Doing what, I don't know -
- maybe gathering stones from long gone rows...

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