Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Guilford CT

So many Rows of Stones (and probably more features) in Guilford CT, as I passed by while driving, my one little walk brought me to a place with few to photograph (my travelling companion on the adventure likes to "stay on the path") and I got just these three:

A glimpse of one of the Thimble Islands, a split boulder: 
But we did spend a day at Chaffinch Island, arriving an hour before low tide:

 "Beautiful, that stone structure has possibility of being a clam garden, any sites or cultural shellfish debris nearby??? 
 I see the shell middens and some medicinal plants. This, or these fish weirs may have dual or multiple purposes, and some of the Indigenous stone features may have been reused by Colonials. Looks like a very interesting and complex site."
Glen Mellin in Delaware, co-author of "Clam Gardens on Pot Hook Creek (See: Clam Gardens - June-2015 & No Stones on the Big Sandbar ).
            Where the clammers were clamming, from Bing Bird's Eye, that I sent Glen:


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