Sunday, June 07, 2015

Feeling Powerless Under the Power Lines

   Well, you know, it’s been declared an Archaeologically Sensitive Place, up there where I’m thinking about, pictured above, including where those power lines cut across a Landscape humans have walked across for 12,000 years or so, overlooking this floodplain valley, up where I discovered all that noise was coming from this past week.
     I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve walked by that particular spot, looking at obvious modern disturbances to the big bald pieces of outcrop, noticing rows of stonework just barely visible amongst the brush, the mountain laurel and all the rest, the boulders that remind me of other Sacred Places. 
    I’ll tell you, I’ve seen some damage done by ATV’s and dirt bikes:
     But it’s nothing compared to the damage done by the big machines of a power company that I’m not so sure even bothered to be compliant to any sort of law about such things – and I’m not even sure just how the laws would apply, since there may not even be a single recognized Ceremonial Stone Landscape site in CT:

    Somewhere I have some old photos that I will eventually find and collect together, but it was usually difficult to see, let alone capture good images of that stonework, so they won’t be very good. I always thought that these features would remain intact enough for future investigation, but now one more spot has disappeared, forever, and I’m just not sure if there was anything I could have done about it. I mean, just as I’m thinking about the Hensler Site of some previous posts ( and other threatened Sacred Sites all over the world (, I’m feeling a little powerless when it comes to the local power company…
      So here's some before photos from the sky (bing maps actually). There isn't much detail to be seen, but know that there were stones placed there perhaps as long ago as when a big block of ice was melting into a glacial lake or as recent as when Indigenous People lived at a Pootatuck Village known as the Nonnewaug Wigwams in the years following 1659 in the valley below...

The "Aftermath" photos:

Nearby Zigzag Rows of Stones: 

Nearby Tears of the Creator fall:
Another stone feature nearby is a Great Serpent by another spring: 

I don't know yet how to interpret this one, but it seems to be something with its head nestled in its arms maybe - or is that the open mouth of perhaps a snake or a fish or something??

I'm reasonably certain this is a Turtle: 

Some links of some features near the power lines include one of the few resource zones I feel pretty certain about what that resource was:

Nearby and sometimes including power line photo details:

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