Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I watched the following video as the moon was rising last night, up over the hill to the east where the power company is bulldozing away components of what in a civilized country would be part of a protected Sacred Site with Indigenous stewardship...
   "While the site is on both the Nat ional Register of Historic Places and the International Register of Threatened Sacred Sites, the site lacks professional protection because it is on private land.
   The United States is one of the few civilized nations which does not make significant heritage sites public property. Countries like Canada and Australia for example make heritage sites and objects part of the national domain. In Australia, such sites are Aboriginal property, with Native custodians.
   Another of the pressing needs at Hensler is financial support. It has never had any. So far the excavations have been undertaken by amateur and volunteers under volunteered professional supervision and guidance. Since prehistoric rock art, even at remarkable sites like Hensler, is not in the public picture, it is very rarely the object of significant support. Sometime, somehow, this important Native American site should receive some quality backing to ensure its heritage nature to the population at large..."
Posted on Oct 18, 2014 by Diane Graff

Published on Jun 8, 2015
From Wisconsin's endangered Hensler Petroglyph Site. The Sacred Ground Documentary Series, produced by Todd James Rongstad, with thanks to Dr. Jack Steinbring, Ripon College, Ritchie Brown, David Weier, Dr. Gary Maier, Jon Thunder, Preston Thompson, Dawnette Springer Cook, Jay Mullins, Jim Scherz, R. Patrick Kennedy, John Joyce, Kip Piper, Mary Hirman, Kurt Sampson, Lisa Roman, Misha Smith, Chris Veit, Dale Van Holten, Ryan Sarnowski, Alex Youngen, Lightning New Rider, Jones Funmaker, Charles Lippert, and Michael Kubaszak.

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