Sunday, January 04, 2015

Last Little Walk in 2014

A Big Boulder Bowl and Confusing Rows of Stones Connecting Stone Piles

   I drove past the entrance to the grocery store when I realized I hadn't walked that day, the last day of 2014. Just because it was the next road after that - and just because I never had stopped and walked around right there, I did. It's also within a larger area once known as the Deer Park, near what was once known as the Stone Path and I'd been on other parts of it's edges. 
Above: the Big View - south at the top.
Below: the Boulder "Bowl" circled, the bulldozer path approx. in orange. 

    There was a "No Dumping" sign right where I parked - and a whole bunch of stuff that had been dumped there. There was a ditch cut into the ground, leading into a swampy area and it led up to a bunch of Big Boulders where it looked like the machine had started to cut perhaps a road into the outcrops on the other side of the wetland but backed up, never following through...
Looking back west:
The cleared space inside is about 20 feet in diameter, I am estimating.
Looking south (maybe SSE), I noted another kind of circular structure sort of spot, around a larger boulder set up, perhaps purposely, that recalls that rhomboidal shape again:
Following that edge of the outcrops to the north, there seemed to be some evidence of a stacking of stones along it:
Farther along, after seeing signs of semi-modernish human activity, like fire wood cutting and metal gas cans from that era before they started making plastic ones, as well as those sort of piles that were probably stones around the roots of trees that fell, I finally came upon some definite carefully placed small rows of stones that connected numerous small piles of stones, covered by leaves and difficult to capture in a digital image:
(Enhanced image:)

(I was going to post this yesterday, but I got caught up in images of some beautiful and interesting rows of stones on Mt. Watatic:

And then early this morning, I saw this photo by Paul Thebeau:
"A ring of boulders at the base of Mt Watatic. I dont know enough to believe they were arranged this way but the ring is almost perfectly circular. I placed a glove in the center for scale."

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