Sunday, January 18, 2015

Former Stone Mounds

I referred to these former stone mounds at the Rock Piles:Stone Pile in the middle of Old CT Path.
What I remember as perhaps 3 or 4 foot tall substantial stacks of stones on boulders with a mixture of cobbles of all sizes, including some pretty hefty ones, are now barely recognizable as Stone Mounds:
Between a remarkable reproduction Colonial Home and the present roadway, a small remnant of a double row of stones that suggest perhaps the original Indian Trail - called the old "Mansfield Highway" by one guy I talked to a few years back. The new road is built up to the "stone wall" in some places, using the construction as a kind of retaining wall... 
Remnants of the Stones: 

That linear row becomes zigzag: 
But just for  100 feet maybe, until it becomes a linear row along the edge of a bedrock outcrop:
If you walk that edge of the outcrop, you eventually come to the end of it.
A single stone at one point may suggest that there were possibly once more stones - it would be easy to load stones down into a cart or something, but that's kind of negative evidence and conjecture: 
The photo below, bad as it is, does show some quartz inclusions that might be, perhaps, the eye of a serpent, maybe a tooth, but I'm unsure. 
A head on view that doesn't really recall a serpent:
But there extending southward from a possible standing stone is a serpentine stone row, possibly separating the riparian zone of the low area from the higher drier ground: 

1934 above, 1965 below.
Zooming in and labels added:

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