Monday, April 21, 2014

Veteran's Park 2014

A little monster who calls me Grandpa on a fiberglass fake rock with no safety rails

I once wrote up a little bit about Veteran's Memorial Park in Watertown, CT, a place I find myself going to every now and then since the early 70's when we used to take field trips there in my Biology class. Last time I was there, I came across some stuff I wrote about here: Veteran's Memorial Park. I spent part of Easter Sunday 2014 there with two of those little monsters that call me Grandpa.

        On the edge of that Play-Scape (as they call them now) is an outcrop of bedrock with a kind of "gapped row of stones" stretching across it, but with one end of it blasted into submission so a restroom could be built: 

Most of the chunks of stone were tastefully bulldozed out of the way. Some of these, however, were chosen to be artistically placed here and there, a few with little plaques added to them as memorials, like this one:
Well, the light hit the stone just right Easter Sunday, up on that weathered corner that was part of the exposed bedrock and I kept looking at it, thinking that if I didn't know any better, I'd swear on a stack of dictionaries that someone had carved a a bear's head into that stone. So I got closer:
And closer still:
And I still really don't know.
Like I don't know if this is a bird:
Or this a grinding slick and some grinding stones:

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