Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Stone Pile on the Exit Island

...and more rows of stones.
Continuing from here: {}, a glance back at the terrace wall…

…there’s a segment running north from the terrace wall and south toward the Interstate…

…breached by what's probably a bulldozed gap:
(A spot to go back to; my time ran out before I got a chance to look at the stones by the large tree at the crest of this rise - possibly another "heap of stones:") 
(Boulders pushed out of the way? Mixed piles of soil and stones?)
A stone lined well with a later addition:
Then again, I suppose it's equally possible that these boulders weren't pushed out of the way and actually are purposely placed to line up with the long, perhaps ten or twelve foot long, sort of rectangular stone pile. This is looking sort of South West:

Closer still:
Once again, I have no good reason why I didn't take a close up or two of the Manitou Stone. My half hour wait was almost up, and this boulder group, almost like a U (open to the North), was pretty interesting - especially those markings that I'm sure have a proper geological name:
A side view, looking toward the East - and the Long Stone Pile:
More stonework - a little zigzag segment along the terrace above the riparian zone. Trees have grown up along the row and the exit ramp has forever changed the water feature:
Some interesting stones, interesting shapes as you get close up:

This image shows well the First Terrace on the left above the riparian zone on the right:
I took one last photo of the Big Terraced Stone before the modern world called me back:

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