Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turned Around to Look at a Turtle

"My but what large forelegs you have, Grandmother..."

While driving that same old drive home down Quassapaug Road, coming back from  where ever I went - Staples or the grocery store or something - the light was just right or something and thought I saw something. Something Testudinate, to be exact.
"Where is it?" I said to no one in particular, "Where's that Turtle?"
(Or maybe to myself, because often that's the only way I can get someone to agree with me.)

Well that's a new one: the right foot and the platform are a single stone.
It required little imagination to paint in the eyes, the lighter spots were already there:
I'll do a little magic trick now, change a turtle into a bear:
The turtle down below says, "Not that old trick again! Next you'll place some branches on it and tell me it's really a deer, or a moose or something..."
And I say to the turtle, "Shows what you know! 'Most all the authorities say you're just a post-contact phenomenon - Indians had no reason to build rows of stones and, further more, they lacked the intelligence to place one stone on top of the other until Europeans taught them how to do so. And you can't be a sculpture or a petroform or whatever - all the Pilgrims said they had no idea what ART was! And they were so correct about the witches, so we can't doubt their words about that! "
The turtle just sighed, closed his eyes, and went back to sleep...

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