Monday, March 18, 2013

Return to the Game Run

Google Earth discoveries made this morning (3/18/13) brought me back to a Stone"Vee," had me change an old drawing and more; I tell the story here:
So of course I had to go walk that short little distance and see how it looks on the ground. Here's from the air, stolen from Google Earth:
There were more than just two stone rows where the road meets the trail by the old sugar shack and lots more swampy areas to contend with than I remembered from the year before last...
...but I'm jumping ahead of myself.

The sugar shack breaches:
This is some of the atypical stonework along the way...

Double Triangle sort of shape:
Two views of a head-like stone, possibly an effigy
of one or two different animals, maybe not, above and below...

There was a breach...
...and the borders just fizzled out...
...but it was not a long walk to the "Vee."
It was much wetter there too.

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