Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interrupted Stone Row

South of the Stone Vee
"Interrupted Linear Stone Row," a term I just made up.
It's a hefty structure, yet there is a gap in it, punctuated by some smaller stone mounds, in-line with the row.
My impression that the row was partially finished, rather than the stones "borrowed" for use elsewhere, based on absolutely no evidence at all.
Continuing South... 
The "In-line Stone Mounds:" 

A stone row branches out to the west: 

The "I-Row" becomes more massive as you walk south along it; to the east, another row branches up to and beyond a small outcrop of bedrock: 
Looking North
The Outcrop: 

There's a multiple effigy sort of feel to this outcrop, to me anyway.
From a distance, it could resemble a Turtle, facing south (to the right in this photo), even throw in the mound of earth on it as in the local Creation Story - even though I know that mound is a stone row: 
A photo from 5/5/11 of the same outcrop:

Add some eyes and buck teeth and you end up with the beaver from that Creation Story on this stone just to the north of the outcrop...

Another out crop to the east, another N/S Stone Row: 
Looking back to the West: 

Effigy (Effigies)? 
(Doodling in eyes:)

Following this Row to the outcrop and then heading north from the outcrop, along the ridge of stone, there is a stone row that turns from linear to zigzag:

(The Sugar Shack in the distance, a sort of "stone row loop" is completed:) 

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