Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Effigies at Fleming Preserve

The largest possible Efiigy at the Fleming Preserve is what may be a very large turtle. the out crop could be interperted as a carapace stone and a large boulder to the west of it may be a head stone. The stone row may be the marginal scutes around the edge of the carapace or shell.
I wrote a little about it here:
Approximate locations, to be fine tuned by GPS some day (by someone):
Un-noticed on previous vists, this may be a Spirit Effigy on the north top side of the shell:

Around the SW side of the largest out crop are a few more effigies:
A Close-Up of one I'm trying not to think of as Jimmy Durante:
(Maybe just "Big Nose?")
A stone row (like marginal scutes) links into the Large Turtle Out Crop Head:
(There's one of many triangluar stones placed in the marginal scute row on the north side of the Turtle Head - and that "watcher" or maybe "Woge-like" Effigy Head up above:)
This a little further along to the north, possibly something, a prominent mouth on a head shape:
(I thought the Buzzard/Turtkey Vulture Headstone Effigy was here somewhere. I even said aloud "Where's that Bird?" That's when two of that sort of bird began circling in the sky above me:)
This efiigy (of something) caught my attention:
More that seemed placed to resemble heads of all sorts, including a turtle shell and head :

A Combo?; Perhaps a bear head that is also a turtle shell?
The vulture is actually along the Interrupted Stone Row; I went back to a series of photos from 5/5/11 to find the buzzard - and there were other effigies like a turtle along it:

There's a "Medicine Bowlder" right around there but I didn't see it on the Day After St. Patricks Day 2013: 
But my photo series moves to the "Vee" at that point in the order I took the photos. This is probabl on one of the wings of the "Vee." Another Combo perhaps? A mortar that is a turtle effigy??
More possible placed to resemble heads stones:
The second largest effigy (possibly a combination of effigies), the "Effigy Out Crop:"
On the east/west row, moving toward a ridge iwth exposed bedrock and more stone rows, running 9approx.) North/South is another turtle and more, snapper looking forelegs:
Opposite the "You are here" entrance is another out crop, on the other side of the road from Fleming. On one of the trail border stone rows is a very likely Turtle Effigy on that row...
A close-up:
This may be another on the same row or a row that branches off onto private property to the east:

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