Saturday, March 30, 2013

Idiots on Sacred Stones

I'll often take an early morning "surf" from a word or phrase found in Rock Piles (or Secret Landscapes or the New England Antiquities Research Association or a post from almost anywhere, actually) and off I go on a wave of electrons, going places that I'll never actually live long enough to go to, simply because there are so many places to go to.
Many times I am rewarded by something interesting; many times I find something disturbing.
Such as destruction and disrespect of something I consider ancient and Sacred.
Such as these Idiots who have possibly disturbed an ancient grave or memorial stone pile (or cairn or petroform, I sometimes can't decide which) and are now using the Sacred Stones as a bicycle jump.
The Hale Reservation website makes reference to the fact that "Archaeologists from Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology have determined that these sites (referring to the nearby nine different known felsite quarry sites) were being used by ancient man as early as 3,000 B.C. — the date associated with the building of the Egyptian pyramids {
So these fools (who may soon find that the bad luck that will visit a person who does this sort of thing is not something that only happens in a Stephen King movie) might as well be thrill riding mountain bikes up one side of the equivalent of a pyramid and back down the other, apparently with the Reservation's approval. Peter Waksman mentions a rather flippant answer to his question about the knowledge of Indian Stone Constructions by the Reservation in the comments of this post:  Powissett Mounds .

 “On the new trail IF_rider has a Little moment."

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