Thursday, November 04, 2010

Some "South of the Snake Head" Turtles

Two views of a small "stone row turtle."
The extended right foreleg caught my eye as a little bit unusual, the triangular head and big blocky left foreleg as more typical and recognizable as repeated patterns. 

Another small stone row turtle with a solid single stone carapace, a roundish head fitted into a nutchal notch, possibly a right foreleg of similar looking stone... 
This one I've posted before:

Here it is from 11/11/09 without the sunlight spoiling the photo:

Similar blocky carapace stones of the same material, just like the two heads below each?
Two more in same row from a year ago:

Above: single solid carapace stone and head;
Below: the very end of the row, a large end stone with a carapace stone placed on it...


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