Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No Mention of Stone Structures, but...

Are any Rock Piles people or NEARA members or enlightened Archeologists/Anthropologists aware of any possible Stone Structures in East Hampton CT? I heard this story last night, saw the map as the camera quickly passed over it, a large swamp in the center of it.

I will try to get further info (and I find this map sort of helpful), but wanted to get this out ASAP.

It's exactly the sort of place I'd expect to find something - as would Peter W. and others...

From the WFSB website:

East Hampton Residents Oppose Condos
Developer: Construction Will Not Affect Wetlands
POSTED: 3:44 pm EST March 4, 2008
UPDATED: 7:50 pm EST March 4, 2008

"EAST HAMPTON, Conn. -- East Hampton residents are taking a stand against the possible construction of new condos.
Many of the citizens in East Hampton told Eyewitness News they believe the construction of 127 condos will change the appeal of the town. They said they enjoy the town in its current form, which includes historic homes, stone walls and an abundance of trees.
"We don't want to change the character of the town," said Diana Marsh, of East Hampton.
Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Irene O'Connor reported that Pelletier, the group spearheading the construction of the condos said the development will allot affordable housing to area residents.
O'Connor reported that residents said they don not oppose affordable housing. However, they oppose the traffic that may go along with the increase of East Hampton residents. In addition, residents told O'Connor that they are concerned about the wetland and wildlife that would be affected with the building of the complex on what is currently undeveloped land.

"There's fisher cats, there's deer, there's all kind of stuff. I'm just afraid that it won't be there for my children to enjoy," said Paul Marsh, of East Hampton.
"When somebody puts something with this size and density there's going to be an impact," said Diana Marsh.
An attorney representing Pelletier said the wetland areas around the condos will not be affected and there will be a system of wells that will be run and managed by the town. Pelletier has made efforts to attempt to get the zoning codes changed so six units can be built in each acre instead of five. The issue of zoning will be addressed at a commission hearing Wednesday night."

There's a little bit of video at the Channel 3 website also.

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