Thursday, March 06, 2008

Development of rural land develops debate

I wish I could insert photos from this News Video:

Development debate - by News Channel 8's Jamie Muro

By News Channel 8's Jamie Muro
Posted March 5, 200811:00 PM

East Hampton (WTNH) _ A tranquil 24-acre piece of land on South Main Street in East Hampton -- surrounded by 18th century homes -- may change. With plans to build affordable condominiums, neighbors were out in force tonight at a public hearing -- against the proposal.
"We'd like to see the area retained the way it is, it's rural character," John Hines, of East Hampton, said.
Under a plan by Glastonbury's Pelletier Development, there would be 127 units called Belltown Place. Thirty percent of those homes would fall under the Affordable Appeals Act -- giving people with modest incomes the chance to buy a home. Neighbors say they have no issue with affordable housing. Instead, they worry about the density - and stress so many homes would put on the local wells.
"I don't see where they are going to get there water from," Paul Marsh says. "I know they say it comes from different places but I don't believe it. I'm on my third well."
Wednesday night, a team representing Joe Pelletier gave a detailed project analysis to the planning and zoning commission -- saying there is enough water -- no impact to surrounding wetlands -- and little traffic impact.
It will be at least a month before AP&Z vote - until then, Pelletier's group will continue to sell the benefits of affordable homes. His opposition asks for it to be in a more suitable location.

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