Friday, March 21, 2008

East Hampton continued

Well, I did recieve some photos from East Hampton CT, sent to me from Paul and Diana Marsh.
The whole concept is very new to them, but they've had a sort of a "crash course" in the ideas of the Cultural Landscape from my suggestions to look at the Rock Piles photos and the specific links Peter keeps on the web page.

As a "stone structure seeker," I do see some things I would investigate further and have asked them for some more specific photos of certain things - including what appeared to be pedestled boulders of a testudinate nature that I first saw in local TV news footage, captured in blurriness below. Their photos follow with some "editorial comments/questions" by me...


  1. The third and fourth photos certainly look like they were taken in the middle of an old road, with a slightly dished look to it and with trees to either side and nothing in the middle. What else could it be? As for the rest, well, we'll just have to see.

  2. I concur with Norman. As one who bushwhacks extensively I've come to recognize old cart roads through the woods. Evidence in the pics shows it was heavily used and not all that long ago, either.

    Note the rows of stones on either side of the road depression and the age of the brush growing on the roadbed itself as compared to that on its sides. Even at that, this area was probably open field as recently as 40 years ago.