Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Waking Up On Another Turtle Island

Waking Up and looking East at Sandy Beach at the edge of Hawai'i Kai on Oahu 6AM in July 2007...

This is a guy named Fred who works at Heeia Stae Park. and a million more if you google the various words and phrases, check out the Images etc.

We rented kayaks from him.

I started talking turtles and rocks with him

Like me, people often tell him "That's just a rock."
Fred's totem tatoo:

Some of his "just a rock(s):"

Since I'm always finding these sorts of "just a rock(s)," I had to pick up this "just a rock."

I said," Is this what I think it is?"

Fred said he'd had it "checked out." It's an unfinished handaxe...

The other might be a net sinker or a head knocker or both...

Just to the right of the entrance is an ancient fish pond, perhaps 600 years old, maybe more...

These are just my photo's; like I wrote above, there's lots more out there...

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