Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Burial Mound"

I intended to find "The Wizard Stones of Kapaemahu at Waikiki" but I never did. They are sort of similar to a Lenni Lenape legend that has to do with the Pleiades or Seven Special Stars that I wrote about on this blog a little while back.


Here's someone's travel photo picture of it I found online at:


Instead, by accident, I ended up here one day, a modern burial mound:

(Maholo means "Thank You.")

"Na Iwi Kupuna - Waikiki Memorial"
by Betty Santos
"Early in the year 2000, about 50 sets of human bones were disturbed during excavation work in Waikiki. Following months of discussion by interested parties, including descendants of the families that once lived in the area, the City Council approved the construction of a burial mound as a memorial..."


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  1. Always fun visiting your blog. And here you are in Hawaii!