Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Modern Rocks

Here's a pile at Sandy Beach on Oahu.

Could be a fishing shrine, could be a spot someone was sleeping at, or almost anything.

Down at this beach there were many little shrines to people lost at sea. Further down the road was a famous Japanese Fishing Shrine I never took a photo of, but lots of other people did, creating a traffic hazard, very close to the spot they filmed that "Kissing in the Rolling Surf" scene in from the movie "Here to Eternity"...

A bartender at The Crouching Lion (a rock formation that looks like a crouching lion in a place that has no lions, crouching or in any other position) likes to balance rocks down at the shore across the highway from the restaraunt.
The rainbows arrived at the same time we did...


  1. In the first picture of a pile on Oahu beach it is interesting how the dark rocks are placed versus the lighter colored ones.

  2. The light stuff is coral and the black is the volcanic rock; people spent lots of time separating them and stacking them for some unknown reason