Friday, July 20, 2007


I already knew "Honu" is Turtle in Hawaiian.

I just learned that "Pohaku" means Stone in Hawaiian.

I tried a little search on these words.

"Ruins of what may have been the Kaheiki heiau lie in the undergrowth in lower Nu‘uanu. But different accounts place this ancient temple in different locations.

Nu‘uanu is mentioned in the earliest legends, as Puakea has told us. Aside from the gods who were in residence here, who were the people? As in other parts of the islands, these ancients include the menehune and other strange creatures referred to as the ‘e‘epa. Like the menehune, the ‘e‘epa are generally described as being short in stature ("imps," one source says; "gnomes," according to another). These creatures were placed there by the gods to guard legendary beings described in the next page. But there are traditions and landscapes associated with them here..."

" Ahu Pohaku Ho├žomaluhia"
"A mysterious circle of stones lends its name to a new high-end health retreat, Ahu Pohaku Ho'omaluhia, near Hawi, on the Big Island."
that mentions some of my favorite words, such as "Sacred Stones" and "scenic cultural and sacred sites ."
Let's just say I may have some original photos of Pohaku soon...

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  1. Doesn't that first photo look like a RockPiles picture?