Monday, June 11, 2007

Old Friend

Digital pix of an old friend who looks pretty safe, hidden along a now unused trail. He's still balanced on the big stone, still rocks when you touch him, and still has that same expression on his face.
The Old Bear was the first animal form - but perhaps not the first"spirit form" - I realised I was seeing that was Native American made. Those zigzag rows that first got my attention and led me to this stone construction were the first. Those zigzags represent lightening and water, as well as "mystery" or, really, "Manitou."

The old story:

Gladys Tantaquidgeon in "Folk Medicine of the Delaware and Related Algonkian Indians (1972,1995)" (pg. 60):
"Wild animals, as pointed out by F.G. Speck (1931: 28-29), are in general considered to exist in clan relationship with humans. The latter are said to be "kings among animals." Clean pure animals of the forest are referred to in terms of human relationship and their spirits must be propitiated before they can be sought for food. If the supernaturals are appeased through sacrifices, the animals will allow themselves to be taken, but if the proper ceremonies are not carried out, they can never be approached by humans. Therefore, a hunter is obliged to pray and sacrifice tobacco before starting on the hunt... The Delaware consider the bear and deer to be the greatest of all animals. The bear is also called "Our Grandfather." Both animals are considered closely akin to the Indian, but the Delaware believe that the bear has the most human-like traits..."

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