Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Old Drawing

I was looking for something else when I found an old drawing of mine, no date on it. It must be from before the big 100 year flood (1994?) because I only have a single serpentine row of stones at the border between the Burial Grounds and the agricultural (or is it Horticultural?) fields.

That big flood washed clear some stonework here and there as well as destroying much stonework that was disturbed by bridges and roads etc. At the Burial Grounds, the flooding revealed another row of stones that must have originally bordered the riparian zone of the stream. And it washed clean a few more features - like the original stream (later "ditched" to the main river and another modern construction) that flowed from a certain spot I can't name because it's too much of a big giveaway about where this is and the stream that was diverted to flow around the burial grounds and then meet up again with itself, as shown in blue marker in this next scan...
That red circle is the Calendar by the way...

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