Saturday, June 09, 2007

Listening to the Sound of Distant Thunder

Angry Voice of the Great Serpent

I’m listening to the sound of thunder in the distance. I’m hoping we will get a heavy rain and maybe some pottery or an arrowhead will appear out along where the zigzag row of stones used to be.

Maybe near some of the remnants that remain, where the humus layer is gone now, something will appear. I picked up a few stones, possibly something, like a shaft abrader or two, a hammer stone. Nothing definitely humanly formed so far…

It’s been a week of chain saw and trucks, bulldozers and shovels, diesel fumes in the air, the sound of earth being moved.

With the brush cleared, where zigzag row meets linear, there's a big stone I never noticed before. It seems to me, I've seen that face before, perhaps a sad old turtle looking down toward the river,sighting along that linear row that's now half gone, a tear flowing down the hill.
I know just how he feels...

I'm listening to the sound of distant thunder - perhaps it will rain if I take a little walk over there…

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