Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Trouble recognizing artwork when you see it?

    Well, you know, some people think this business of observing Indigenous/Native American Iconography in stone walls is a delusion or like “seeing perceived patterns where none exists,” similar to seeing shapes in the clouds or the grain of wood. As I sit and drink some coffee and munch on my toast (with an image of a turtle burnt into it with my special toaster), I’m thinking that perhaps, if you are a doubting scientist or stone mason or even just a regular sort of person who has a difficult time recognizing artwork when you see it, perhaps you should take a small child with you to point out the obvious turtles, bears and snakes etc.
    The child who hasn’t heard the repeated Stone Wall Myth a hundred thousand times seems to have the ability to easily recognize, and stand near the turtle, snake or bear in the stone wall, even if you haven’t already pointed it out to the child.
     I’ve tried the experiment a bunch of times.
The Stand Next to the Stone that “Looks like a Bear” Bear Stone:

“The Stand by the stone wall that looks like a Snake Stone Wall” aka the "Eeek! A Snake Wall:"
Another example:
The “Put your hand on the Stone Turtle Turtle:”

Why is this? We can only shrug and say that we don’t know...
...but we keep looking anyway, pondering these stones, these walls:

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