Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Animal Effigies to Zigzags


Making sense of the world,
Making sense of the stones,
Thinking about Stories,
Thinking about a Ceremonial Stone Landscape,
               From Animal Effigies to Zigzag Rows of Stone,
I'll tell you,
"Look for Eyes:"

Drought conditions at the time the photo was taken, this Bullfrog Effigy Boulder reminds me of stories of a giant water-hoarding bullfrog, such as Aglebemu, “Akwulabemu, Aglebemoo, Hahk-lee-be-mo, Ablegemoo, Ablegemu, also known as: Mitche-hant, Kci Cekolhs, Kci-Coqols, Giant Frog, Monster Frog.”

Eyes on smaller nearby stones too:

To Zoomorphic:
Looking for Wisdom?
Look for the eyes:

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