Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sort of Circular and A Boulder I Missed

  Stepping out of the parking lot (which I have come to realize is the former site of our old 1960's homemade baseball diamond in a by then abandoned hay field we mowed with many a "borrowed" dad's lawnmower), I can't help but notice the "circular-ness" of the stone piling of a remnant of wide "stone wall" just beyond the "bulldozer edge" of the disturbed landscape. It's a little similar and a little different than the Curious Circles I'd observed the day before in another town ten miles away.
And yes, I know: these photos don't really show those smaller circles of stacked stone well.
Maybe next time I will get a good capture...

Trying the panorama feature of the camera.
   I wandered over to another segment...
Pondered if this boulder was out of place, noting the less weathered side now visible, wondering if it had been shaped by human hands, if I was seeing purposeful "fracture marks on stone:"
And then through the trees and little bit of spring green, I spotted a boulder I missed, maybe some other stones placed on top of it:
"Well now," I thought. "That's some interesting stuff going on here - how did I miss this one?"

A fallen part of the stone stack?
There was another too, very "leg-like," if this were a stone turtle puzzle...

And that vein of quartz??
Well, you tell me what it reminds you of...

If I had just gone a little farther up hill back in March, I'd have included that "cobbles on a boulder" in this post:

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