Thursday, April 06, 2017

Just Another Row of Stones Behind a Store (Bethlehem CT)

Circular- sort-of spot in a sort terrace-like row of stones...'s as if there's a lower wall in spots - and that's where water seems to flow from still.
But back up on the other side, at that circular sort of spot observe a detail or two:
Serpent Stacking?
Like an Eastern Timber Rattlesnake live birthing Baby Snakes??
Are smaller snakes made by smaller people???
Imagine eyes to make the snakes come alive:

And then I spot this, just a few steps away:

Looking to the left, I think I'm identifying Something Serpentine:
And, speaking of multiple images - effigies that are part of a larger effigy made up of effigies made of of effigies that seem to change before your eyes into other effigies -  I don't recall ever seeing a possible or probable Deer Effigy with a big stone for a body:
Go back to that first photo again:

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