Monday, April 10, 2017

Below the Cliffs of Pareidolia

In the snow, three and a half years ago (almost)
"Rectangles" is the title I gave to this stitched together this panorama...
   I guess I never posted anything about a previous visit to these cliffs (and the other features around it) of my most recent post because – because - well, I don’t know why. I remember passing by them and thinking that there was just enough snow to highlight the many rows of stones without totally hiding them, so I don’t think that was the reason. Perhaps it was more of a “Let me think about this for a little while and maybe some sort of understanding will come about” situation.

   I see that I stood in some of the same spots to take some photos of some of the same features at the upper end of this section of stones at the edges of the obvious modern intrusions into a more ancient landscape – or perhaps “landscapes” would be more accurate. Presently a Commercial Zone, formerly a farming zone, one suspects these stones may have had something to do with that water powered era, I’m wondering if it all isn’t part of that Ceremonial Stone Landscape that stretches back to who knows when...

  From the photos I can see I was looking for that rhomboidal shape and effigy-like iconography in the stones, but I also see how I included some stones that resemble Manitou Stones - or at least, one kind of Manitou Stone... 
...and that was about the time the idea that some "stone walls" may be better described as "Stone Snakes or Great Serpents...

1965 Aerial:

2014 Capture from Bing Maps:

I'll link you to the album at Flickr:
And then there's this yet:
Friday, ‎May ‎06, ‎2011

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