Thursday, July 21, 2016

Moving Big Stones

Above: Just after Easter.
Below: Yesterday.  

This morning:


  1. Wow... are you repairing the stone steps or do you have another project in mind, using those large flat stones? Good idea on the rollers.

  2. Matt: I'm trying to conserve the original stonework that was Indigenous in origin. The house was most likely a "Watch House" for the Pomperauge Plantation across from a village known as the Nonnewaug Wigwams (just like one in New Milford, nominally owned by Capt. John Minor the Indian Interpreter. The Native People were honoring a treaty and helping build a house for the English; the English were waiting for the Indians to abandon the fields so that they could "improve" the fields by fencing them with wooden rails and legally own them, which happened about 1734 when Schaghticoke became the new gathering place for survivors...