Thursday, July 14, 2016

Forty Shades of Green

Forty shades of summer green hide this (eastern side) roadside segment of zigzag stone border of what was most likely an Indian Trail to the Nonnewaug Wigwams. The border on the "otherside" is long gone, the result of road widening sometime in the last 25 years or so. I had spotted a gateway I hadn't noticed before, so I stopped to see if it bore resemblance to a snakes head as do many others, sometimes subtly, sometimes remarkably, but often enough to establish a pattern that can be observed in many places. I parked in a safe spot and walked back the way I came just a bit...
I look at the bigger stones, the boulders to see if they are somewhat triangular or have some sort of suggestion of an eye or eyes as well as other details that might suggest the stone had been "worked" by human hands to further enhance snake-like qualities... 
Maybe this does:
Approaching the gateway: 
Angling around it: 

Stepping uphill: 
Notice anything eye-like? 

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