Friday, March 27, 2015

Yelling? Singing?

Another one that suddenly made sense after a long time is this cobble stone on a boulder in a riparian zone. I took the photo in January of 2008 and I probably have other images from other seasons, but I just didn't put that "eyes, nose and open mouth (yelling? singing?) face" motif together until just this morning while looking for a very different "open mouth profile face" motif. They both occur in many places and possibly are calling to us to notice them and listen, sitting on boulders or resting with other stone spirits, perhaps even laughing at us because, after all, "It's just a rock." 
No disrespect intended but only a small percentage of people will see it in the photo above, so I'll paint a few lines on the same photo so it's calling to you too to notice: 

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