Saturday, March 28, 2015

Musical Row of Stones

North of the Grinning Serpent's Tail, on the edge of the floodplain, is a barely perceptable trail, just above the remnants of a stone row, that leads to an intersecting row of stones that, when conditions are right, sounds like the running water of a little stream. "Nobody is taking care of this place," as they saying goes, but the water continues to flow and stone spirits in the wet zone it creates below it have their eyes on you as you pass by... 
Above: another day, long after this was written, as I passed by this spot for the 100th time (or so it seems), I realized that here was another Great Serpent:

There's a spot you come to, by a choke cherry tree...
...with a small stone lined spring at it's base: 
That's about where the stones on boulders still show well...

Was this one below chosen because of the natural features of the stone
or did human hands help it along to give the suggestion of eyes,
a stone spirit watching what you do? 

This one could be said to be anthropomorphic, suggesting a representation of perhaps a person, or perhaps a spirit, perhaps yelling or perhaps singing. James Porter suggest I see what happens if I rock that stone, to see if it's a "Drum Stone" and will make the sound that's might be suggested by the open mouth that could be natural or could be pecked and polished into the stone... 

(Above: Jan. 2008, below: March 2012) 
The other side of the stone I'll have to look at again - there might be the suggestion of something...
...looking toward the first terrace hillside from behind it, you can just see little bits of the row of stones under the pine boughs and above the brush...
...and turn back around to "see" that stone singing, hear the water trickling.

And is that another sort of face in the same stone, shape-shifting into perhaps something zoomorphic,
perhaps sort of reptilian??

But there's the row of stones I was going to tell you about (above), three January 2008 photos stitched together. You'll notice there is no little stream alongside it:
I walked along it on spring day in 2012 and put my video camera down inside the row:


  1. Very beautiful, Tim. where is this?

  2. Bethlehem Land Trust Property, planted with Pines as a WPA project, edge of the Nonnewaug floodplain.