Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Serpent Looking Sideways

And Downhill Right Toward You
Well there it is, yet another Sideways Looking Serpent Petroform, in a town I've never been to (on purpose), posted up just yesterday here: 
(Also: I paused to wonder if Matt has snowshoes...)
    I know, yes I know, I should have the word "possible" or "suspected" in there at least before I jump to a conclusion. Yes, I know, your stone wall book says it's just how a Yankee farmer used a big old boulder at the end of a stone fence to keep stones from falling down.
    I suppose now you expect me to draw some eyes on it and some horns perhaps - "overlay a drawing of what I interpret this triangular boulder and row of stacked stones to be. You don't have to twist my arm, I already did:
   "Well, Tim," someone might say, "These occur all over New England."
    And I might say, "Yes! Exactly!" or even "Correctamundo!" if I were feeling like Fonzie. And I'd show you a couple photos you may have seen here on this blog before, such as this one that I happened upon one day, looking for images from another place I've never been to, Whiteshell Provincal Park in Manitoba, Canada: 
     You might say, "Matt doesn't need snowshoes - I drive right by miles of stone walls just like that every day!"
      And I might say, "Correctamundo!" and show you this photo, taken "almost in" Washington CT, about eight miles (of stone walls) from my home:

A wider view:

Closer to my home, about four miles (of stone walls) away from my front door, at a gateway into a present day Open Space sort of Preserve is a similarly shaped stone, angled just about the same way from a row of stones: 
Zoom in some and you'll see that there is a suggestion of an eye, so I don't have to paint one in:
I do plan on hiring someone to peck and polish another stone like this and plan on checking on it every couple hundred years to see if the weathering would be similar to this one above.
Back home, I'm about to walk up those circa 1700 stone steps, looking at this one particular capstone again (once again, looking downhill at me) and wondering just who was around to build these stone steps just so, right here right around then, the snow drawing in the serpent's right eye so I don't have to draw them in (or wear snowshoes) myself...

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  1. Hi Tim- Great posts! I was off-line for a few days (better part of a week) and didn't see this post until now. Yes, I have a pair of snow shoes but did not use them, actually. In some cases the snow was frozen over and hard, and in other cases I used my kung fu "lightness" skill ("qing-gong" in mandarin) to hike out in the snow. I studied for years under chinese and american martial arts masters, and chinese doctors.

    Here is a clip of one of my teacher's senior students walking across the room on basketballs-

    clip of man in china training lightness skill on top of bricks and a plant vase-

    Wudang Taoist Kung Fu- scaling walls, jumping/ high kicks-