Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Medicine Bowlder (and more)?

Possible "Medicine Bowlder" at the proposed "Ashford Woods" Development.

A person harvesting something here sometime in the past, teaching how to  do so respectfully, may have perhaps made a tobacco offering, left smouldering in a shell placed in the depression in that boulder - or used it to start a renewal fire between the rows of stones that borders the old Indian Trail where another row borders a little brook while yet another forms another border...

But back to the stones beside the old Indian Trail to Mattatuck, now the road to Waterbury,
inside those survey flags...
A few steps away from that "Bowlder," another low boulder has a much smoother depression on its surface as well, while the taller dome of the boulder beside it ...
...may have been "worked" to better recall the nuchal area 
around a turtle's head...
Those stones beside the boulder - a quartzite head stone,
maybe a foreleg with two distinct toes? 
I can imagine that quite easily:  
Kinda like this one:

Sort of similar to this one:

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