Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Golden Turtle

    In the only pleasant dream I had last night, I went back up the hill to that outcrop with a beautiful  remnant row of stones perched on it, just to look at certain little turtle effigy with (as far as I can see) a golden-colored quartz left foreleg and head (I'm sure it was because I'd had to resort to my cellphone camera for the dramatic series of photos that follows here, moving in closer and closer).
    Don't see it? 
    Try now:
(Google+ automatically backs up my cellphotos and adds effects - unasked:)
I guess I did notice the golden quartz in the "wall" about the time I took this photo, with my real camera before the battery died, while looking for those effigy patterns of stones with the suggestion of eyes, headstones and forelegs and all the rest:
And then the next frame, closer, two separate stones of the same material, representing a left foreleg and a head stone behind it:
The carapace stone would be the stone directly above the head and foreleg, that recalls high domed box turtle-like shell, probably...

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