Friday, October 31, 2014

Big Heap of Boulders

On my fourth little venture into a nearby by Preserve, I finally found something other than field clearing piles of stones dumped along a a row of stones - a large pile of large boulders, sort of oval shaped, maybe 35 by 15 feet maybe. 

Above looking SSW, below toward the NNW.

I haven't so far found anything resembling a mortar stone, but perhaps this is a grinding slick, the metate style with a mano still sitting there, but I didn't brush the leaves aside...

A lot of effort must have gone into stacking these boulders up (above) rather than just dumping them as seen here below a little to the north and west:

Back to that big Heap O'Boulders, there are smaller stones, cobble sized, along the western edge of the big boulders, so debris covered that my first (erroneous?) impression was that they were bulldozed up against it but there's really not a lot of soil in there, so probably not.

This is on the same preserve as this:
It's a place where the "stone walls" might be dismissed as typically post-contact constructions possibly have inclusions of possible effigies and possible cultural symbolism:
Possible Serpent Head end of a row - of which there are many:
Not to mention some rather interesting stones placed to recall the testudinate 
Again, the good, bad, and ugly set of photos at flickr:
(and I'll update this with the proper addy)
1934 (West at Top):
1965 (West at Top):
Last look to the West:
Bing Bird's Eye (West at Top) :

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